Marvel’s Superheroine The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman (Susan “Sue” Storm-Richards), first known as the Invisible Girl, is a fictional superheroine appearing Marvel Comics which is one of the American comic books. Susan Storm Richards is a founding member of the Fantastic Four and was the first female superhero created by Marvel. We first know her in the film Fantastic Four, she was portrayed by Rebecca Staab in the 1994, Jessica Alba and Kate Mara in the film fantastic Four. She is the sister of the Human Torch ( Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm / Jonathan Storm ). She first got her powers after being exposed to a cosmic storm, her body structure has been changed after been radiated, gaining the ability to hide. At first she could only control the light waves, making herself and other people invisible. But then she could manipulate the stealth field she had created, fly at high speed, control the movement of objects and launch powerful energy shields and weapons.

Invisible Woman first appeared in Marvel comic book “Fantastic Four,” and in the beginning she only had the invisible ability. So in the group of the Fantastic Four, she can only help very little, Compared the ability with the other superheroes. Later, the author of this comic expanded the ability of Invisible Woman, he give her invisible ability to hide the things and people, create a powerful force field and send ultrasound waves. Although her ability has improved a lot, she is still Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) ‘s assistant and play the second fiddle. But this situation began to change after John Byene took over this comic series. Under his creation, Invisible Woman becomes more confident and decisive in using her abilities. And then a versatile and memorable character of Fantastic Four. For example, she finds herself can use the force field she created to manipulate objects through the air, blocking enemies from attacking and preventing them from moving, or performing long-range attacks. Susan uses Invisible Woman as her pseudonym, and she has become one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics.

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Black Panther The Spring’s Superhero of 2018

Black Panther is a superhero of Marvel Comics, His real name is T’Challa, who’s the king king of the Wakanda which is a African nation. Black Panther is also a member of The Avengers, he and Storm (Ororo Munroe) are husband and wife. He is the first black superhero in mainstream American comics. First appearing in Fantastic Four, and then in the film Captain America: Civil War released in 2016 we first saw him on screen. Black Panther also appears in various television shows, not just films but also video games. And in 2018 the movie Black Panther is on show throughout all over the world. T’Challa’s father T’Chaka was the king of Wakanda and Black Panther before T’Challa, after his father’s death, T’Challa inherited both titles, but he still needs to prove that he has the ability to protect the people of his country, that is the reason why he attacked the Fantastic Four , he wants to see if they could help him defeat Ulysses Klaw so that he can return to Wakanda. After eating a piece of heart-shaped herb, he got the super power, like the Superman’s speed, agility, strength, and endurance. Black Panther is also a tactician, military strategist, scientist, and hunter. He is good at tracking and proficient in various forms of fighting, creating a new form of martial arts that combines acrobatics and animal movements. T’Challa has the coat armor made of Vibranium. This war suit makes him invulnerable. His boots have vibranium pad on the soles, which allow him to adjust different vibration frequencies so that he can run silently on the side of the building and walk on the water.
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