Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru Cosplay Costume

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru Cosplay Costume Halloween

Super level spell caster, born in the Gojo families with unlimited moves, can master it skillfully because he was born with the [six eyes]. The appearance is very outstanding, with white hair and eye-catching white eyelashes, and a height of more than 190cm, even at the age of 28, he maintains a childlike appearance that has hardly changed from his childhood. Gojo Satoru wear a high-tech black uniform. wear a black eye mask. Everyday casual clothes will hang down their hair and wear sunglasses. A man described as “perfect in everything except character”. Wanton personality, hate “orthodoxy”. And saying “love is the most twisted curse”. Scrupulously abide by their own values and goodness, and decided to train new people in the way of education to change the decadent status of the spell world. In order to use their brains, they often add sugar, and then they become a big sweet fan. He once went to Sendai to buy xijiufu, a local specialty, and recommended Dafu with Maodou mud and fresh cream flavor. after that, Gojo Satoru ごじょうさとるcame across the Itadori Yuji いたどり ゆうじ hosted by りょうめん すくな Ryomen Sukuna. He can do anything, so he doesn’t do anything. According to him, it’s to train new people. Can do housework such as cooking. In addition to his perfect personality, he is also very good at singing. Gojo family ancestral special traits, one in hundreds of years, are eyes with special abilities. 360 degree long-distance vision, you can see it from behind and from a distance. Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru Cosplay Costume. Directly distinguish whether the other party is an artist. See through each other’s moves. He can directly track and predict the spell force trajectory. Allows the holder to perform fine spell force operations. Blocking sight will not hinder vision.

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