ONE PIECE Marine New Marineford Cosplay Costume

Located at the entrance of the “New World” in the second half of the Great Waterway, adjacent to the Red Line continent and the マリージョア. The emblem of the Navy (MARINE) is a seagull carrying a libra, symbolizing the maintenance of world peace and order. The headquarters of the Navy Headquarters, under the name of “absolute justice”, expels evil, and is a naval base directly under the world government. It is considered a symbol of peace in the “era of the Great Pirates”. Marineford is the headquarters of the Navy, which can be said to be the “origin of justice”, maintaining world security with absolute justice. This used to be a solemn and sacred place, but due to the war, Marineford has almost become a ruin. Now, I’m afraid only the ruins are left, but it also represents the unshakable justice of the navy. The Navy headquarters has moved to the original G1 branch of the New World Navy, will it become another Marineford. New Marineford. Marine, the Military organization of “One Piece”. The Navy is a direct subordinate organization of the world government and the largest military organization in the world. The current Marshal is Sakazuki. The Navy, in the name of absolute justice, carries out security work in the oceans of the world, and as the center, the Navy headquarters is one of the “three major forces” of the great route. The headquarters of the Navy was originally stationed at “Marineford” in the first half of the “Paradise” of the Great Passage, but it was severely damaged during the top war. ONE PIECE Marine New Marineford Cosplay Costume. It has now been relocated to “New Marineford” in the second half of the “New World” of the Great Passage and exchanged with the original G-1 branch.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Zenin Maki Cosplay Costume Halloween

Zenin Maki is a tall athletic girl with slender brown eyes and dark Turquoise hair tied into a high ponytail at the back of her head. She combs oblique bangs sometimes and air bangs sometimes. She wore a pair of special glasses that had been injected with the curse in advance so that she could see the curse. Zenin Maki’s ぜんいん まきstudent uniform consists of a traditional black and blue high collar long sleeved coat and short skirt. She wears white socks on her legs and sometimes she wears black leggings. During training, Zenin Maki wear purple sportswear (light purple rim), white shorts, black leg guards and sneakers. Her casual suit consists of a white Hoodie, a black-and-white striped shirt, white shorts, black leggings and white boots. When he was young, Zenin Maki wore dark kimonos; Sometimes they also wear white bathrobes and black trousers. After Shibuya war, Zenin Maki had burn scars on his body and his hair was cut short. He liked to wear sleeveless blouses and high waist trousers, wear a white belt, and sometimes wear a cloak with a hood. Zenin Maki deeply loves his sister Zenin Maiぜんいん ま in the Zen academy, although he doesn’t admit it. But after Zenin Mai’s death, she always felt guilty that “in fact, falling down together is the best way for them to choose in life”. Jujutsu Kaisen Zenin Maki Cosplay Costume. With フシグロ メグミFushiguro Megumi, they won enough time in the battle with the super level spell spirit Hanami はなみ to wait until the reinforcements arrived. When fighting side by side with Zenin Naobito ぜんいんなおびと and Nanami Kento ななみ けんと in the Zen academy against the super curse Dakon だこん, he fell into the disadvantage. Later, he was saved by Zenin Naobito.

Jujutsu Kaisen Kugisaki Nobara Cosplay Costume

Kugisaki Nobara ぎさきのばらhas orange eyes and short orange hair (hair is dyed). The school uniform consists of a blue and black coat, a blue and black pleated skirt, black silk stockings and brown shoes. A brown belt was tied around her waist to carry her hammer, nails and scarecrow. During training, wear a white sweater jacket with dark blue pattern on the shoulders, black pants and white sneakers. Casual wear includes a dark sleeveless shirt, a light colored scarf around the neck, and a dark long skirt. Kugisaki Nobara is a forthright and confident girl. Her happiness and anger are light up with pleasure. She came from “a village 4 hours by train from Morioka”. She came to Tokyo to school alone because she hated the countryside. Curious about everything in Tokyo; She go shopping in her spare time. She is proud of her appearance and hates anyone who insults her or tries to attack her face. She talks a lot, often make complaints about her partner. Even in a desperate battle, she will make time to confront her opponent. Height less than 160cm. Hair color is dyed. When she is free, she will go shopping (spell master students also have wages). She enjoyed her urban life in Tokyo and kept trying all kinds of new clothes and food she hadn’t eaten. If she is not a magician, Kugisaki Nobara should be willing to be a female star. Her strength is much stronger than it looks. Jujutsu Kaisen Kugisaki Nobara Cosplay Costume. She once kicked off the 80kg Itadori Yuji いたどり ゆうじ without difficulty. She showed amazing ability to endure pain when fighting with the けちず Kechizu and えそうEsō. In that battle, she not only withstood the enemy’s attack, but also pierced her wrist with nails to attack her opponent with resonance. She can use her hammer, nail, scarecrow and rubber hammer to attack her opponent.

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru Cosplay Costume Halloween

Super level spell caster, born in the Gojo families with unlimited moves, can master it skillfully because he was born with the [six eyes]. The appearance is very outstanding, with white hair and eye-catching white eyelashes, and a height of more than 190cm, even at the age of 28, he maintains a childlike appearance that has hardly changed from his childhood. Gojo Satoru wear a high-tech black uniform. wear a black eye mask. Everyday casual clothes will hang down their hair and wear sunglasses. A man described as “perfect in everything except character”. Wanton personality, hate “orthodoxy”. And saying “love is the most twisted curse”. Scrupulously abide by their own values and goodness, and decided to train new people in the way of education to change the decadent status of the spell world. In order to use their brains, they often add sugar, and then they become a big sweet fan. He once went to Sendai to buy xijiufu, a local specialty, and recommended Dafu with Maodou mud and fresh cream flavor. after that, Gojo Satoru ごじょうさとるcame across the Itadori Yuji いたどり ゆうじ hosted by りょうめん すくな Ryomen Sukuna. He can do anything, so he doesn’t do anything. According to him, it’s to train new people. Can do housework such as cooking. In addition to his perfect personality, he is also very good at singing. Gojo family ancestral special traits, one in hundreds of years, are eyes with special abilities. 360 degree long-distance vision, you can see it from behind and from a distance. Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Satoru Cosplay Costume. Directly distinguish whether the other party is an artist. See through each other’s moves. He can directly track and predict the spell force trajectory. Allows the holder to perform fine spell force operations. Blocking sight will not hinder vision.

Jujutsu Kaisen Itadori Yuji Cosplay Costume

Pink spiked short hair (inherited from his father), black at the bottom of the hair (inherited from his mother), light pink (gold) pupils. The second pair of eyes appeared on his face after eating the fingers of Ryomen Sukuna as its host, but they only opened when Ryomen Sukuna controlled his body. In addition, his cheeks and the back of his hands sometimes have Ryomen Sukuna mouths.
At the beginning of the animation / cartoon, wear a light color (light yellow in the animation) Hoodie, jeans and red sneakers. The uniforms after entering Tokyo Metropolitan incantation college are: a low neckline dark blue long sleeved jacket reformed from the regular school uniform of incantation college, which is matched with a red hooded sweater with special buttons of incantation College (the shape of the school uniform can be adjusted according to personal preferences), and dark blue wide leg trousers (black in comics and dark blue in animation). This uniform has been adjusted is on ごじょうさとるGojo Satoru’s own responsibility , Fushiguro Megumi make complaints about the adjust. But the Itadori Yuji says he likes it very much. Itadori Yuji いたどり ゆうじis a person with high EQ and strong empathy. He not only cares about his companions and friends, but also can feel the hearts of others and pay attention to anyone he meets. He is very concerned about “the value of life”, so his belief is to let others get “the right death”. He would be angry about killing people out of pure bad taste and consider as unfair. When he and Fushiguro Megumi フシグロ メグミwere threatened by a curse, although they had known each other for a short time, in order to save Fushiguro Megumi, they would swallow Ryomen Sukuna りょうめん すくなfingers without thinking about the consequences of swallowing fingers. Jujutsu Kaisen Itadori Yuji Cosplay costume for Halloween. Itadori Yuji Grandfather Itadori Wasuke いたどりワスケsaid to him before his death, “you are very strong. If you want to save others, the scope within your power is enough. If you can save people, try to save them. It doesn’t matter if you are confused. Don’t mind if you don’t get thanks. In short, you have to try to save more people. You have to die surrounded by people.”. Out of respect and love for Grandpa.

Jujutsu Kaisen Fushiguro Megumi Cosplay Costume

The appearance is calm and silent, but the heart hopes to help and protect those who are kind. One year earlier than Itadori Yuji いたどり ゆうじ, he entered the life of spell college and became familiar with the second grade elders. The most respected person is Okkotsu Yūta おっこつゆう太た. Due to the influence of his father who left when he was a child and the blood of the Zen family, he once disagreed with his destiny to become a magician in the future. However, after his sister ふしぐろつみきつみきFushiguro Tsumiki was cursed and fell asleep, he questioned that “the good people who should be happy can’t get a return”, so he realized that the world is unfair. So he made up his mind to become a magician in order to create a world where more good people can enjoy happiness equally. After that, he has been taking action to save the “good people” as much as possible. He claimed that this idea was out of his own selfishness and completely emotional. He does not consider himself a “partner of justice” or a “hero”. Fushiguro Megumi adheres to this belief. After meeting Itadori Yuji いたどり ゆうじ, he agrees that he is a real good man like his sister. Even if the  Itadori Yuji has become a container forりょうめん すくな  Ryomen Sukuna, he still pleads for Gojo Satoru ごじょうさとるwith his private feelings to find a way. Even later, when facing Ryomen Sukuna, he didn’t regret saving Itadori Yuji, and claimed that saving Itadori Yuji was entirely out of selfishness that didn’t want him to die, so he didn’t think much at all. On the contrary, Fushiguro Megumi is quite cold faced with the death of criminals and evil people, because he believes that these “sinners” are not worth saving. After the death of Itadori Yuji in the juvenile hospital, Fushiguro had more thoughts about it. Jujutsu Kaisen Fushiguro Megumi Cosplay Costume. Fushiguro is also a very mysterious person, so ぎさきのばらKugisaki Nobara once complained that Fushiguro Megumi hardly told everyone anything about himself.

Captain America Chavez Coplay Costume Halloween Dress

America Chavez, also known as Miss America and Lady America, is characterized by the Star Spangled Banner battle clothes. Among the Young Avengers, she is the best friend of the second generation of Eagle eyed bishop and a lesbian. She has super physique and flying ability, as well as a super ability called “Stargate creation”, which can open the door of the multiverse and travel through all space and time. Roberta Mendez is a very strange female version of Captain America. Mendes is from earth 23291. Her husband is an agent 1940 of a large organization called alchemists. Under her husband’s secret arrangement, Mendes was injected with super soldier serum to become the captain of the United States and the leader of the Avengers alliance in the world. Danielle cage is the daughter of Luke cage and Jessica Simpson. She is only a child in Marvel’s main universe. In the world of earth 15061, Danielle cage inherited her father’s invulnerability and her mother’s super power and became the captain of the United States in 20XX. Steve Rogers was assassinated, and Peggy Carter received super soldier serum injection and became the captain of the United States. Although Carter in the cartoon is American, this version is British like MCU, so she will not be satisfied with this title and Star Spangled Banner uniform after she becomes the captain of the United States. Buy Captain America cosplay costumes. None of the above are descendants of Captain America. Even Peggy Carter completely replaced the new female Captain America of Steve Rogers. In the world of earth 415, Captain America without hibernation married Peggy Carter and gave birth to his daughter Sharon Rogers. She inherited the title oCaptain America and used Tony Stark’s explosive gun and energy absorption shield. She first appeared in the mobile game Marvel’s future, which was released in 2015. Sharon Carter was introduced into the game in 2016 as part of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the birth of Captain America.

Ultraman Tiga Halloween Cosplay Costume For Kids

Ultraman ウルトラマン is the first Ultra warrior in the history of Ultra series, known as the giant of origin. Once there was a man in the world who was called the “光の巨人,The Giant of Light”. The giant of light assimilated with an earth man and guarded the earth in the invasion of aliens and the destruction and chaos of huge creatures called “monsters”. Soon, the giant of light completed his mission and returned to the hometown of the distant universe, and the earth people assimilated with him lost the memory of that time. 40 years later, Ultraman’s existence has already become a world of the past. In the past, the son of Shin Hayata , Hayata Shinjiro, who assimilated with Ultraman, was born with special abilities. One day, in order to rescue Hayata Shinjiro  who was attacked by the mysterious enemy, his father Shin Hayata appeared and said, “I’m Ultraman!” When his father’s life was on the line, Hayata Shinjiro put on the Ultraman armor given by the original Kurt team’s well hand and challenged the enemy! Since the monster feature film Godzilla, monsters have played an important role in Japanese children’s culture. This popular trend known as “monster trend” swept across Japan and became a social phenomenon. The first show is the monster special shooting program “Ultra Q”,  which was a great success. After the screening of “Ott Q”, the monster trend reached its peak, and the production of the new monster program is imperative. Ultraman zoffy/jack/ace/taro/king/jonias/eighty/scott/chuck/beth/great/powered/zearth/zearth/dyna/agul/gaia/niece/neos/cosmos/justice/legend/noa/the next/nexus/max/xenon/mebius/pict/boy and ultraseven/ultra father/ultra mother/ultraseven21/yullian/ulrasevenX cosplay costumes. Shopping Ultraman cosplay costumes for kids, Halloween Ultraman costumes for children/women/men. The program of “monster battle”, and the protagonist is the Space Monster Bemular. Bemular’s mouth has dense teeth and slightly protruding tusks on both sides of the mouth. The whole body is cyan black, with sharp spines on the back and a skin like fish scales on the abdomen. The tip of the scaly skin is a poison needle. For this program the protagonist and the enemy both are monsters, so on the the basic setting, the monster is cosmic man, and the Ultraman we know was born.

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