ONE PIECE Burukku BROOK Film Z Cosplay Costume

The ninth member of the straw hat group is a musician. The resurrected person with the ability of ヨミヨミの実 fruit can be resurrected once after death, because the fruit has completed its mission and he can’t swim. It is characterized by the skeleton, wearing a gentleman’s dress and an explosive head, like music and understand a variety of musical instruments. The personality is lecherous and funny. The first sentence when he see a woman is “can I enjoy your underwear?”, and the unique laughter is “Yo ho ho ho”. Because Burukku is a skeleton and very light, he can walk on the sea and has high jumping power. BROOK used to be the head of the guard, so he is good at fencing. His crutch is a two edged sword. He is a very powerful swordsman. The names of his moves are mostly music and fencing terms. Although the body is in a white bone state, he can eat, drink tea, spray nosebleed and even defecate. The crack on the forehead is an old injury before death. The favorite food is milk. He think drinking milk can cure fractures and restore physical strength. He is the oldest of my partners. Dream of travel around the world to meet the island whale Labu again at the “great channel twin headlands”.Buy One Piece cosplay costume or Burukku cosplay costume. Brooke’s favorite song is “ビンクスの酒”; This is also the favorite song of Rumba Pirate Group and whale Labu. Nico·Robin said that this is a “pirate song”, which originated in the West Sea and was a song in one piece long ago. Burukku has a “sound shell”, which contains the “ビンクスの酒” played by the partners of the rumba pirate group 50 years ago on their deathbed. Now it is stored in his skull.

ONE PIECE Portgas D Ace Desert Anime Cosplay Costume

The posthumous son of Gol·D·Roger. When he grew up, he hated his father very much, so he changed his surname to his biological mother Portgas·D·Rouge. He is the second team captain of the white bearded pirate regiment. Portgas·D· Ace is powerful. In order to protect Monkey D. Luffy, he used his body to block the magma of the Navy General’ red dog. As a result, it ran through his body and died of serious injury. Not related to Luffy. The appearance is characterized by black hair, normal skin color and freckles on both cheeks (inherited from mother). There is a tattoo with the word “ASCE” on the left arm, in which s is crossed. This letter sign that does not belong to his name, it is to commemorate another sworn brother Sabo. At the same time, it also means “taking care of his brother with Sabo’s share”, because among the three, Sabo was the only one who knew politeness and etiquette. After Sabo disappeared, ACE learned Sabo’s gentle and polite side. New Portgas·D· Ace cosplay cosplay costume or ONE PIECE Cosplay Costume in In addition, ACE’s back is tattooed with the pattern of “white bearded Pirate Group”, which symbolizes the most important honor in his life. In terms of clothing, he has an orange cowboy hat with two badges of “smile” and “Sadness” on the brim. Besides, there is a sign with a skeleton head, a red bead necklace on the neck, and his signature shorts. In his childhood, ACE often wore a vest, and the words on his clothes are replaced by Chinese characters (such as “innocence”, “violence”, “benevolence and righteousness” and “victory”). Although Portgas·D· Ace later became a person with the ability of “burning fruit” (メメラの実), who could turn his body into a flame and attack, but he was still used to wearing a dagger on his left waist.

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