Daniel Danny Fenton Phantom Kids Halloween Costumes

The story takes place in a small town called Casper in the Middle East of Wyoming. The protagonist Danny Fenton was an ordinary little boy. Due to an unexpected experimental accident, he became a superhero with a half ghost body, the phantom Danny. Meanwhile, his father Jack Fenton’s former friend Fred and other evil spirits began to invade the peaceful world, and Danny’s task was to defeat them. In the seemingly endless battle, Danny learned how to love, why to protect others and other things that he would never learn in the boring classroom, and finally got sweet love.  but did those greedy hearts in the dark really disappear? Let’s see.Danny Fenton is the leading character of super power cartoon Danny Phantom. However, all the changes happened one afternoon when Danny accidentally pressed a button in his parents’ laboratory, which caused the accident and turned into a half human and half ghost phantom Danny. Danny has a cool supernatural power, but only his best friends, Sam and Tucker, and his sister Keith, know his secret. After gaining power, Danny is busy fighting evil spirits, saving the world and hiding his new identity. The human side is very luck, he have been in love with three girls. He likes aerospace things, game consoles, duty Humpty bands, lemon and vinegar chips, hates make a fool of others, others play with his feelings, mathematics. Before transformation he has ice blue eyes, black hair, red and white T-shirt, light blue trousers, red and white tourist shoes. Appearance after transformation, the eye color is the fluorescent spiritual media green, snow white hair, black and white protective clothing, white protective boots. His ideal is to be an astronaut.  The most classic quote is “Well, when it comes to the future, I think it’s time for me to start preparing for it. More Cool Halloween Costumes for kids.(Daniel)Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom cosplay costume.