Final FantasyVIII Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume White Dress

Rinoa Heartilly is a princess. A mischievous, lovely princess, a princess need knight to love. She always cares about Squall Leonhart in a different way. She forcibly pulls him to the dance floor, opposes Irvine Kinneas to let her go alone, and tells Squall what they think. On the other hand, she wants Squall to love and care for her. Good at creating a lively atmosphere, treat all the people around without discrimination, gentle, kind, but very lively. Although she is very competitive, there are times she feel shy. Stay with her, every day will not be lonely. Rinoa is a lively and free girl. It is because of her cheerful personality, straightforward words, to move the heart of the dull Squall. Dare to face difficulties, dare to pursue her own love. The heroine of the story is very active in everything. Because of her fearless personality, she quickly integrated into the “forest Owl” organization and became a very influential figure. But she has a wayward side and loves to fight with others; But on the other hand, she also attaches great importance to her companions and has a gentle side. Because he asked Garden to send person to assassinate President galbadia, he took part in the dance held by Garden and got to know squall, which has influenced the fate of Squall’s life ever since. Met Seifer and was in a love relationship until the year before the beginning of the story. “I feel like I’m in love, but I don’t know what he thinks,” she said. In fact, it seems like a more ambiguous relationship. In the summer before the beginning of the story, they broke up. Because she asked the headmaster of Balamb Garden to send seed members, she came to Balamb to meet squall. Later, she formed an employment relationship with Squall in timber. More Rinoa Heartilly cosplay costume for Halloween. With the galbadian army’s clean-up campaign against the underground organization of Sen’s Owl, after resistance’s members wander away, she began to travel with Squalll. After walking together, she began to worry that one day this group would fall down in the battle, but she was moved by their strong will of never giving up and keeping each other by life, and decided to follow them to the death. And because squall saved himself from danger many times, he began to have a good impression on him.