Fancy Costumes For Halloween, Birthdays, Graduations, And Any Other Special Occasion

We releases a variety of costumes for people of all ages and gender to dress up for a party, a family event, or to make an occasion absolutely perfect and memorable. a reputed online wholesale costume company, manufactures and export all kinds of costume items such as batman, spider woman, batgirl, captain marvel carol Danvers, Britney spears PVC catsuit red sexy party, sexy lingerie transparent PVC catsuit Halloween and x-men costumes, etc. There are many such items in various designs and any size. All these products are made of superior quality materials that are sure to last wear and tear for a long time. Users can get their logos printed, knitted, or embroidered according to their choice of specifications and colors. These Costume products can be easily customized as per the client’s requirements. “Now, clients can buy these costume items directly from our online store. A wide assortment of costume accessories is available for men, women, and kids; whether it is for daily wear, occasional, formal, or casual, they get it all under one roof.” said the company spokersperson during the launch.

For people who worry about not having a chance to show off their strong and sexy body! Now’s Sexy Full Body Zentai Suits will assist them in showing their bodies. This full-body costume is so hot and can catch every person’s eye. The suit is made of a strong and smooth material, which comfortable to wear, has great elasticity, and is simple to wash. It is full body-colored. This is a trend and a fashion so that users do not miss it, right? Do not hesitate to buy it. It will be one of the best decisions.

Superman Superwoman Supergirl Cosplay Costume is very popular at most parties these days. This movie character has been popular since the 1940s, and over seven decades later, its popularity refuses to die down. The Red, Blue, and Yellow, all in one jumpsuit with additional accessories let users make the perfect appearance at the party. Kids especially love wearing this type of costume. There are many options available when it comes to choosing an outfit, depending on the child’s age and gender, and depending on the occasion.

Another neat costume available on the store website is Harley Quinn Cosplay Costumes. It is one of the best-selling costumes and a great costume idea for people who want to attend the party and have them all seen. The outfit comes with a headpiece, jumpsuit with attached boot tops, and so on. Select one or more of this costume looks and get out your camera to capture those sentimental memories you and family members will enjoy forever. has managed to carve a place for itself in the costumes industry with popular costume brands such as Animal Zentai, Black Butler, captain marvel costumes, batgirl cosplay costumes etc.

Daniel Danny Fenton Phantom Kids Halloween Costumes

The story takes place in a small town called Casper in the Middle East of Wyoming. The protagonist Danny Fenton was an ordinary little boy. Due to an unexpected experimental accident, he became a superhero with a half ghost body, the phantom Danny. Meanwhile, his father Jack Fenton’s former friend Fred and other evil spirits began to invade the peaceful world, and Danny’s task was to defeat them. In the seemingly endless battle, Danny learned how to love, why to protect others and other things that he would never learn in the boring classroom, and finally got sweet love.  but did those greedy hearts in the dark really disappear? Let’s see.Danny Fenton is the leading character of super power cartoon Danny Phantom. However, all the changes happened one afternoon when Danny accidentally pressed a button in his parents’ laboratory, which caused the accident and turned into a half human and half ghost phantom Danny. Danny has a cool supernatural power, but only his best friends, Sam and Tucker, and his sister Keith, know his secret. After gaining power, Danny is busy fighting evil spirits, saving the world and hiding his new identity. The human side is very luck, he have been in love with three girls. He likes aerospace things, game consoles, duty Humpty bands, lemon and vinegar chips, hates make a fool of others, others play with his feelings, mathematics. Before transformation he has ice blue eyes, black hair, red and white T-shirt, light blue trousers, red and white tourist shoes. Appearance after transformation, the eye color is the fluorescent spiritual media green, snow white hair, black and white protective clothing, white protective boots. His ideal is to be an astronaut.  The most classic quote is “Well, when it comes to the future, I think it’s time for me to start preparing for it. More Cool Halloween Costumes for kids.(Daniel)Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom cosplay costume.

Cosplay Costume Store Introduces Fancy And Sexy Outfits That Match Peoples’ Personality As Well As The Occasion.

April 25, 2020- Dressing up in costumes for festive occasions or parties like Christmas or Halloween is not only suitable for children these days, as adults and teenagers can also have fun, since Cosplay Costume Store offers numerous costumes for almost everyone. They are available in a variety of styles and designs, and customers can choose the one they prefer based on their preferences and what they’re looking for. These costumes are not only great fun to dress up in, but it gives customers an excellent opportunity to break out of their shell for once and do something they wouldn’t normally do at any other time. For those who want costumes of their famous characters, there are many superhero, legend, real and carton costumes which are available from the store. The company’s CEO said they offer numerous costume themes for different parties; therefore, customers should select the various items available for their occasion and event.

Deadpool Cosplay Costumes sexy catsuit is readily available, and the store has many of them. It is worn to commemorate and idolize these movie legends. It is usually worn at Halloween, and party events. These types of costumes are made of various durable and elegant materials. They also come with other accessories like the mask. The company can also customize them to fit the needs and style of customers.

As the title suggests, X-Men consists of several characters, all with different supernatural powers and certainly different costumes. And one of those costumes that have become famous is the newly launched X Men Cosplay Costume Sexy Catsuit. These costumes are sexy, and many women like to wear them regardless of age or size. People are encouraged to wear these costumes at every party event to match their unique personality and take the x-factor to a different level. No matter what the occasion, these fancy and sexy costumes are a popular choice. They are reliable and durable. The company also offers these costumes with accessories and make-up or face colors that customers need.

Since Batman is one of the most famous fictional characters, women who have dealt with the hero over the years have earned their place. The women associated with Batman are commonly known as Batgirl. Since the introduction of the superhero, Batman has become very popular with people of all ages. On Halloween, many women wear the Batman Batgirl Batwoman cosplay costume. These costumes are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the actions and personality of the wearer during a festive event.

Coser Cosplay Presents Various Designs Of Cosplay Costumes For Women Of All Ages To Meet Different Demands

April 10, 2020- Sichuan Maila Trading Co.,Ltd, one global cosmetic company is launching new products to the market. Whether it is Halloween or any other celebration event, the company distributes glamorous costumes such as Movie cosplay costumes, catsuit, and sexy cosplay costumes etc. A fancy dress is always the delight of every person who always wants to look neat all the time. The way a person wears a dress determines the way they are addressed. Therefore, it’s always vital to choose the best product from this store and make all the difference. Similarly, stand out from the crowd. Mr. Jack, the CEO of the company in one of their press conferences said that clients can now access the various types of costumes available in their store. The products are accessible for all people regardless of their age, size, shape and gender.


Coser Cosplay is one stop store for all costume products. And some products they are planning to launch is Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Cosplay Costumes. They are ideal outfits for use in different occasions. The costumes will certainly reveal the sexy curves in a perfect a manner. Moreover, these stylish outfits can be availed in different colors, styles, and shapes. Besides, they come with other accessories that matches and goes well with the outfit. A person can rock with this product.


Halloween is one of the most well-known festivals. During this festival, numerous individuals get suited up in superhero costumes to celebrate the season and get the most of its joy. Women and girls can choose from the numerous costumes available in the store. One such product they can find in the store is Spider Woman Girl Venom Gwen Stacy Cosplay Costume. For women who want to represent their delight and attract the visitors at the same time, this outfit would be the recommended option. Different sizes and shapes can be found in the store for clients to choose.


Wonder woman was at some point a popular movie in the screens, and it is only right for the fans to delve into their cultural practices of honoring the actresses and actors by rocking in their respective Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume. The dresses are available in this store and are widely worn during different dress-up parties, cosplays and Halloween etc. The choice of the clothing depends on the person’s preference or the theme of the occasion.

Enhance Dressing By Buying the Newly Introduced Cosplay Costumes From Coser Cosplay


Summary: Customers have numerous costume options to choose from. And this is possible, thanks to the newly launched cosplay costumes from Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd which include: video game cosplay costumes, anime cosplay costumes, and catsuit etc.


Shanghai, China, January 8, 2020-The good thing about any event is that a lot of individuals celebrate it with various costumes. These attires are not only trendy, but they are also scary. And for people who are looking for an attractive, fashionable, sexy, and scary costumes; then Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd is a one stop company for all the above cosplay costumes. The firm organizes all costumes into categories, making it more straightforward for the customers to jump into the relevant class for the kind of party they want. For example, they will get the items classified into superheroes, Christmas, princess, and Halloween among different themes to make the search quick and simple.

Superhero themed events give customers a chance to visit Coser Cosplay and order Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Cosplay Costumes. Dressing up these garments will enhance the looks and experience. Besides, they will add more charisma and excitement to the party. The various clothing available includes 2018 Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Sexy Catsuit Movie, 2019 Captain Marvel Carol Danvers cosplay costume catsuit 0421, and 2018 Captain Marvel Cosplay costume sexy catsuit Halloween etc. Customers also have the option of picking the different colors and sizes available. The spokesperson of the company has said that they are customizing garments. Therefore customers can order any suit they like and one that will suit them.

Social events like Halloween are one of the most popular events people get suited up in superhero garments to celebrate the occasion and get the most out of its joy. And for women, they can pick the Spider Woman Girl Venom Gwen Stacy Cosplay Costume. The company offers different garments for all age groups comprising: Kids, teens, babies and adults regardless of the gender. Basically, this choice relies on style and need. This item can make one the centre of attention on any event, and based on styles and preference, and users can either pick: 2018 New Venom Gwen Stacy cosplay costume sexy Halloween, and 2018 Gwen Stacy Spider-Girl Cosplay Costume Sexy Halloween. The firm also allows customization, so clients can order an attire that fits their style and color.

Coser Cosplay’s Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume is another remarkable garment. They usually range from the ultra-sexy and conventional one-piece suit to the more conservative attire. The attire also comes with various accessories like boots, a golden eagle emblem, and a star-studded blue bottoms. The firm keeps updating new products and inventing many more. Similar to all other products, the attire is available in different colors and designs.
Customers can rush and order the new attires available on their site .

Coser Cosplay Costume Store Announces Full Body Costumes For People To Copy Styles Of Popular Superheroes

One can now copy the style of Deadpool, X-men, Superman, Spiderman and other superheroes by grabbing attractive Full Body Suits available in the stock of the Coser Cosplay Costume Store.

An attractive range of cospaly costumes is now available in the stock of China based famous online Coser Cosplay Costume Store, for men, women and kids. These costumes are designed for anyone to copy the dressing sense of some of the famous fictional heroes, such as Spiderman, Superman, Deadpool, and others. The online store also has costumes of the popular characters from the X-men series. These cosplay costumes are available in a variety of sizes and the online Zentai costume store maintains affordable prices.

According to the spokesperson of the web store, one should glimpse through their beautiful collection of Sexy Full Body Zentai Suits. They have various types of Zentai suits, such as animal Zentai suits, camouflage Zentai suits, Halloween Zentai suits, PVC Zentai suits, multi-color Zentai suits, uni-color Zentai suits, and so on. There is a variety of Zentai suits under each type to choose from. Besides the Halloween, one can wear these Zentai full body suits on a number of occasions, such as carnivals, road shows, promotional events and so on. Most of these Zentai suits are made of spandex, lycra and PVC materials. The full body suits are comfortable to wear and come with a long-lasting guarantee. The coser cosplay costume store has Zentai suits in a variety of colors.

Besides the full body Zentai suits, one can also explore their Deadpool Cosplay Costume Zentai, which offers amazing Deadpool costumes for people of all ages and both the genders. Anyone who wants to copy the style of this Marvel Comic’s superhero can choose from different types of Deadpool costumes from the online store. The Deadpool series of costumes include costumes for various characters, which include Deadpool, Wade Winston Wilson, Weapon X, Taskmaster, and others. Available in various sizes, these costumes are available with detachable hands, detachable hoods, detachable feet and other custom choices.

Customers can also choose from an outstanding collection of X-MEN Cosplay Costumes, available in the stock of the cosplay costume store. In Marvel Comics, X-men are shown as mutants and each character from the series has its own specific costume. The online store has costumes of all leading characters from the X-men series, which may include Jean Grey Phoenix, Laura Kinney, Mystique Raven Darkholme, Scott Summers, Kitty Pryde, and others. These costumes are available in attractive style, and they have costumes for creating an entire team of X-men. Made of the lycra spandex material, these costumes are highly elastic and breathable. There are 3D printed X-men costumes that look stunning and charming.
One can check their full body Zenati suits and other cosplay costumes by visiting the website

Women Can Now Opt for an Exciting Halloween Fashion with New Cosplay Costumes Introduced by Coser Cosplay Online Store for them

Coser Cosplay brings new Batman Batgirl Batwoman costumes, Spider Woman/Girl costumes and Carol Danvers cosplay costumes for its women customers.

China, October 15, 2019 – The fun and excitement of Halloween will double for every woman when she will choose to wear stylish and gorgeous cosplay costumes available in the stocks of the Coser Cosplay Online Store. They have a wide variety of costumes for women to don the style of different fictional characters, such as Batgirl, Spider Woman, Carol Danvers and others. Besides Halloween, a woman can wear these costumes at fancy dress parties, carnivals and celebrate other occasions. Available in a range of styles and colors, women customers can now purchase these cosplay costumes at cost saving prices.

The spokesperson of the cosplay costume web store invites women customers to explore their fabulous Batman Batgirl Batwoman Cosplay Costume collection. There is a variety of styles for a woman to be a perfect Batwoman and draw the other’s attention during the Halloween. These dresses are designed with various twists and design elements that make them exceptional. Women can check the collection to pick a Batgirl or Batwoman costume style that can perfectly fit into her personal style. Available in black, blue, yellow and other colors, these costumes are not only attractive in looks, but also very comfortable to wear. A woman can choose from Batgirl full body suits or batman short dresses and can look stylish and attractive for any occasion.

According to the spokesperson, their new Spider Woman/Girl Gwen Cosplay Costume collection is also adorable. Spiderman is exceptionally popular among men and women of all ages, and a woman will never shy away from copying the style of the Spider Woman for her best Halloween fashion. The Cosplay Costume Online Store has different versions of the traditional Spider Woman costumes. Thus, one can find costumes in a variety of styles and in different colors. They also have venom spider Gwen cosplay costumes for a woman who wants to look a little scary for the Halloween. Made from a breathable and stretchable material, a woman can find these Spider Woman costumes perfect fitting and comfortable. Moreover, there are different types of customization options that a woman can opt for personalizing the costumes.

Another attraction in their stock is the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel Cosplay Costume collection. Carol Danvers is Marvel Comic’s popular fictional character, and now Cosplay Costume store brings an opportunity for women to emulate her style. These costumes are available in several attractive choices. Made from the lycra spandex material, the costume allows very good air permeability and is elastic enough to fit into a body shape. One can also find several kinds of customization options, such as detachable hands, detachable feet and crotch zippers. These costumes are available with 3D printing and in vibrant colors.
One can check their new Spider Woman collection, Batgirl collection and Carol Danvers collection by visiting the website

Cosplay Costume Store Brings New & Exciting Costume Collection for Women Customers

Summary: Women who want to go for an exceptional look this Halloween can now choose from a new range of cosplay costumes that Sichuan Maila Trading Co.,Ltd. adds to its online store of

China, September 28, 2019 – Women can now choose from a wide range of excitingly designed cosplay costumes for their fabulous Halloween look. Sichuan Maila Trading Co.,Ltd brings, once again, an exceptional range of costumes for women customers, especially. These costumes will allow women to don the looks of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn or Spider Woman. These are popular fictional characters and any woman would love to copy their dressing and style. Any woman who is looking for attractive dresses for an upcoming carnival, fancy dress party, or any other occasion will love to explore their new cosplay costume collection. These costumes are available in different sizes and even big size women will find suitable dresses in the collection.

According to the spokesperson of the popular cosplay costume online store, they always endeavor to bring costumes that emulate the style of the well-known fictional characters. They have the Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes Halloween for women to dress for the occasion in a more stylish way. These costumes are available at affordable prices and are made of shiny spandex material that makes them very fashionable. At the same time, the costume material is lightweight and breathable. These attractive costumes are also available with a host of customization options, so that a woman can personalize the costume as per her own preferences.

Women can now also shop for Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Halloween from the online cosplay costume store at cost-effective prices. Harley Quinn is a popular character from the DC Comics and is pretty adorable among American women. She can be seen doing her magical performance in the Batman comic series, and a woman can now think about copying the style of this fictional character for her adorable Halloween fashion. These costumes are available in a variety of styles and colors for a woman to choose from. Made from the lycra spandex material, the costumes are stretchable and one can easily wear these costumes for their scintillating Halloween appearance. The spokesperson states that they have added several types of twists to the usual Harley Quinn costumes and thus these costumes are more attractive and stylish. Moreover, there are several kinds of customization options as well for a woman to get the best fitting costume for her.

The spokesperson also talks about the Spider Woman/Girl Gwen Cosplay Costume that they have in their collection now. Spider Woman is very popular among men, women and kids. This is the reason why a pretty woman will always love to drape into a spider woman costume for her graceful Halloween look. The online store has a variety of styles to choose from, besides the regular spider woman costumes. They also have fashionable Gwen cosplay costumes for women customers.

One can check the new collection of cosplay costumes for women by visiting the website

About Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Sichuan Maila Trading Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of costumes. The company has 2 factories with 3 production lines and advanced equipment for anime cosplay, anime cosplay costumes, video game cosplay costumes, movie cosplay costumes, sexy cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes, bodysuit, catsuit, zentai etc. They can design and make many kinds of costume styles according to the customer needs.




Nail the look of your Superhero

Looking up into the sky and imagining yourself to be flying among those clouds has been the dream of almost everyone’s childhood. Well, we still wish for super powers so that we will be powerful enough to protect everyone and make the world a better place. If you cannot have super powers, you can at least make yourself like them by looking somewhat like them and having a personality like them. Well, a common question is, “How can one choose their Cosplay costume?” Don’t just go for costumes that you just like wearing. I would suggest that you make a list of your favorite superpowers and accordingly name the characters. When it comes to superpowers, most people think about flying high in the sky and protecting people from bad happenings. I am pretty sure Superman is the 1st choice for boys and girls do like to choose Supergirl or Superwoman and the demigoddess of the Fictional DC comics, Wonder Woman. (Girls have a variety available for them. Cheers to girl power then!)

Overall looks of the cosers:
The important thing about fancy dress or Cosplay costumes is that you first have to decide the way you want to look. You need to choose a proper hairstyle and the props that will make your costume look more appealing as well as connecting with others. You can also get make-up and make tattoos accordingly. The Superman costume is most wanted due to the Superman logo with the shielded S (man of steel) on the chest which is the color combination of red and blue. The Superman outfit has been the most iconic suit as it has been 80 years since the Superman comics started. Initially, the superman wore a blue outfit with the shielded S, which is the symbol of “HOPE” in his Kryptonian planet and red boots along with a red cape and a red trunk (which children used to think as underwear) and it also had a pocket in the cape to hold the outfits of the human form of Superman, that is Clark Kent. Over the years, the design of the Superman outfit changed. The present DC comics got Superman a modified outfit which is absolutely mind-blowing. The Supergirl or Superwoman suit in the Cosplay part is the same as that of Superman. The basic difference is it has a skirt in place of the pants stitched to the top and red long boots which adds up to the beauty of the dress.

Now coming to the girl’s idols, the demi goddess, Wonder Woman, is the one whose motive is to break down the barriers of gender and also to protect our Earth. The outfit has been modified over a period of 78 years. But the color combination remains intact that is red and blue with a crown kind of band on the forehead and a sword, and two bangles like wide wearables on the hand.

For those who love superheroes and want an outfit like them, there is a place that will help you to get your most wanted superhero costume. For that, you will have to click on the given hyperlinks below.
●For all the Superman Superwoman Supergirl Costume lovers, we’ve got you the “Shielded S”.
●For all the demi-goddess lovers, we’ve got you the “Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume”.

Cosplay Costume Store Announces New Costume Collection for Men, Women & Kids


Summary: The new Cosplay costume collection on features Superman Superwoman costumes, X-MEN cosplay costumes and Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes.

China, September 8, 2019 – Men, women and kids can now choose from a wide range of cosplay costumes from the online store of the Sichuan Maila Trading Co. Ltd. and can get ready for an upcoming carnival, fancy dress party, Halloween or any other occasion. One can check their entire cosplay costume collection on the web store of, which also include some new attractions of Superman Superwoman costumes, X-MEN cosplay costumes and Wonder Woman Costumes. They have costumes in different sizes and which are suitable for men, women and children.

One can check their Superman Superwoman Supergirl Costume collection, which includes a number of attractive costumes for both men and women. According to the spokesperson of the company, for the first time, they have brought a number of choices for women and young girls who want to look like Superwoman. These Superwoman/ Supergirl costumes are available in a number of styles and in different color choices. A woman can find the best fitting Superwoman cosplay costume in their stock, irrespective of their age and physique. has full bodysuits as well as short Supergirl dresses to choose from. A woman can choose a costume as per her personal style preference. Men customers can also find a variety of Superman costumes in the stock of the online store and can pick the best style for their fashionable appearance.

The spokesperson states that men would particularly adore their X-MEN cosplay Cosplay Costume collection. The collection features dresses of superheroes from the popular X-men series. The collection showcases a number of inventive designs for a man who is a fond of X-men’s different fictional heroes. has an excellent choice for women and girls as well who want to dress like an X-men character at a fancy dress party. Women can choose from Jean Grey Phoenix X-men cosplay costumes, Mystique Raven Darkholme X-men cosplay costumes, Kitty Pryde Shadowcat X-men cosplay costumes, and other styles. These cosplay costumes are available in attractive color combinations and are made of high quality and breathable lycra spandex material.

There are also Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume options for women customers specifically. Made of shiny spandex material, these cosplay costumes are highly attractive and are available at reasonable prices. Women can choose a perfect fitting costume by selecting from their size chart. Available in a variety of sizes, these costumes come with several types of customization options. The Wonder Woman bodysuit could be with detachable red stockings, headwear and gold bracer. The material used in making these cosplay costumes is breathable and elastic, ensuring a comfort of wearing.

One can check the entire collection of cosplay costumes including new attractions, on the website

About Sichuan Maila Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Coser Cosplay Costume Factory is a specialized manufacturer of costumes. The company has 2 factories with 3 production lines and advanced equipment for anime cosplay, anime cosplay costumes, video game cosplay costumes, movie cosplay costumes, sexy cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes, bodysuit, catsuit, zentai etc. They can design and make many kinds of costume styles according to the customer needs.