Ultraman ウルトラマン is the first Ultra warrior in the history of Ultra series, known as the giant of origin. Once there was a man in the world who was called the "光の巨人,The Giant of Light". The giant of light assimilated with an earth man and guarded the earth in the invasion of aliens and the destruction and chaos of huge creatures called "monsters". Soon, the giant of light completed his mission and returned to the hometown of the distant universe, and the earth people assimilated with him lost the memory of that time. 40 years later, Ultraman's existence has already become a world of the past. In the past, the son of Shin Hayata , Hayata Shinjiro, who assimilated with Ultraman, was born with special abilities. One day, in order to rescue Hayata Shinjiro  who was attacked by the mysterious enemy, his father Shin Hayata appeared and said, "I'm Ultraman!" When his father's life was on the line, Hayata Shinjiro put on the Ultraman armor given by the original Kurt team's well hand and challenged the enemy! Since the monster feature film Godzilla, monsters have played an important role in Japanese children's culture. This popular trend known as "monster trend" swept across Japan and became a social phenomenon. The first show is the monster special shooting program "Ultra Q",  which was a great success. After the screening of "Ott Q", the monster trend reached its peak, and the production of the new monster program is imperative. Ultraman zoffy/jack/ace/taro/king/jonias/eighty/scott/chuck/beth/great/powered/zearth/zearth/dyna/agul/gaia/niece/neos/cosmos/justice/legend/noa/the next/nexus/max/xenon/mebius/pict/boy and ultraseven/ultra father/ultra mother/ultraseven21/yullian/ulrasevenX cosplay costumes. Shopping Ultraman cosplay costumes for kids, Halloween Ultraman costumes for children/women/men. The program of "monster battle", and the protagonist is the Space Monster Bemular. Bemular's mouth has dense teeth and slightly protruding tusks on both sides of the mouth. The whole body is cyan black, with sharp spines on the back and a skin like fish scales on the abdomen. The tip of the scaly skin is a poison needle. For this program the protagonist and the enemy both are monsters, so on the the basic setting, the monster is cosmic man, and the Ultraman we know was born.