Final Fantasy Ⅹ YUNA Concert Cosplay Costume

YUNA、ユウナ, a Japanese girl’s name, originally means “night”. Maybe Braska gave her daughter such a name in honor of Yunalesca. Similar to the name (male version?)— Yuma, an Indian tribe, is often referred to as “son of the chief”, which is very famous among Mexican Indian tribes. Yuna’s earrings are a kind of chain beads of Yuma tribe. She was born the father’s festival began. She was brought to live in the island by gemari. After that, she became an official Summoner in Osama, and set out on the journey fight sin. TEDA, the son of his father’s bodyguard, is always concerned. After she successful crusade against sin and becoming a great summoner, in order to find the whereabouts of TEDA, flying boat hovered over spila. Yuna is the heroine of the TV Games “Final Fantasy X” and “Final Fantasy X-2”. In the game, Yuna inherits her father’s ambition of fight Sin who has been harming the people for thousands of years, and embarks on a long road of no return with star water polo player Tidus from Zanarkand. As the heroine in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 is highly qualified as summoner. They practice on the side island with a kind heart and always think about “what can they do for others”. Her father Blaska was the great Summoner who defeated sin last time. YUNA cosplay costume dress for Halloween. Final Fantasy Ⅹ YUNA Concert Cosplay Costume. YUNA is a person who can die calmly for the sake of ideal and other people’s happiness. She belongs to the world she loves, not to someone who loves her! If you love her, you should know that you can’t get her unless you turn yourself into a saint just for love, not for gain. Tidus made it. If Yuna’s sacrifice is for spila’s world, then Tidus’s sacrifice is for Yuna, this is the love between the two saints beyond the secular world, pure and noble, without a trace of desire, which is not the love of ordinary people.

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