Ao No Exorcist

AO NO EXORCIST/Blue Exorcist is a story about Okumura Rin(おくむらりん ) who was adopted by priest Fujimoto Shirou(ふじもと しろう)when he was young. One day, Okumura Rin discovered the secret that he was actually the son of Satan. Later, the tragic death of his adoptive father made him settle down on the road of exorcism. The world in which Okumura Rin exists is divided into the "material world" and the "virtual boundless" space. Human beings live in the material world, and in the virtual boundless world, there are fierce demons wandering around. The damage events happened one after another, and Okumura Rin gradually found that some virtual and boundless demons took advantage of the void to sneak into the human world. In order to protect the same kind and upholding justice, Okumura Rin decisively took up the responsibility of exorcism. With the help of his younger brother OkumuraYukio (おくむらゆきお), Okumura Rin keeps moving towards the truth. At this time, Okumura Rin finds that the culprit of all this confusion may be hidden by their side. Buy OkumuraRin(おくむらりん) OkumuraYukio(おくむらゆきお), Fujimoto Shirou(ふじもと しろう), suguro ryuuji(すぐろりゅうじ), Mephisto Pheles(时之王メフィスト·フェレス),(moriyama shiemi杜山しえみ, Kirigakure Shura(きりがくれしゅら), miwa konekomaru(みわこねこまる), shima renzou (shima renzou), Kuro(クロ), Amaimon(アマイモン

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