The King of Fighters

In 1994, fighters around the world received an invitation marked "KOF", but without signature. At the same time of doubt and expectation, the renowned fighters, who have experienced many battles, combined into a powerful team to fight in a new way. When people are immersed in the excitement, the conference has already opened. Among these contestants, there is a teenager who can control the fire, named Kyo Kusanagi(くさなぎ きょう). After receiving the invitation, he formed a team with his friends Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimen, determined to prove his strength in the competition. After winning, Kyo Kusanagi finally faced the sponsor "R" who’s real name is Rugāru Bānshutain, He wants to attract powerful experts to cast their bodies into bronze statues and become his collection. In the end, Kyo Kusanagi and Rugāru Bānshutain fought to the death, smashing his ambition. In 1996, after the decisive battle among the fighters, the sudden destruction of Leopold Goenitz(ゲーニッツ) caused a great response, and the public scrambled to know what happened on that day. The organizers are also busy explaining the special incident (that it was caused by terrorists) and dealing with the aftermath. The success of the K.O.F.96 conference not only aroused the trend of fighting, but also aroused the interest of several large enterprises. In the name of sponsor, they expected to hold K.O.F.97, and the momentum of K.O.F.97 gradually grew. Under the turbulent situation, K.O.F.97 was officially implemented. Before the competition, his girlfriend Yuki ユキappeared in front of the public. Meanwhile, his apprentice, SHINGO YABUKI, also appeared in front of the public. Looking for the cosplay costumes of The King Of Fighters, Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi くさなぎ きょう , Ash Crimson アッシュ・クリムゾン, Terry Bogard テリー・ボガード , Ryo Sakasaki リョウ・サカザ, K Four Nine online for Halloween.