Totally Spies

Three good sisters from Beverly Hills, who deal with ordinary high school life and mysterious international espionage every day! Whether squatting in the luggage compartment of a private plane, flying over Bermuda, lurking in the secret islands off the coast of Japan, or sneaking in the sewers of Paris, these "maverick" girl spies have always been fighting against the most terrible and crazy villains in the world! Clover Ewing has short, straight yellow hair. Wearing a red spy body suit, she is a madman crazy about men, shopping and fashion. Mandy is her opponent. After traveling among men, she is deeply concerned about fashion and designer tools. Clover Ewing always only thinks about gorgeous clothes and lovely things. She likes shopping, buying shoes and fighting bad guys. Her favorite color is red. What she wants most is to be a model spy! Samantha Simpson has long orange wavy hair. She was wearing a green spy cat suit. She is the smartest, responsible, and practical girl. She acted as a military division in the team, keeping the other two vigilant and directing them to complete their tasks. Her favorite color is green. She was once selected as the most popular girl in the sample. Alexandra has Bob's short black hair. She was wearing a yellow spy catsuit. Although she is clumsy, she is outstanding in football. She is good at sports and is an interesting girl. Although she looks like a tomboy compared with Clover Ewing and Samantha Simpson, she is also very eager when talk about fashion and boys. She has a toy turtle named Ollie. Her favorite color is yellow. We offer Totally Spies cosplay costumes for you at best price, if you have no idea about your Halloween costumes for your girls, then come to our store you will find the one you like, any questions please feel free to contact us.